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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 12, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: a horrific crime sparks call for revenge against americans. this is "special report." >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. we're just getting the latest comment from president obama regarding weekend massacre of 16 civilians allegedly at the hands of u.s. soldier. president is rejecting comparisons, alliance in the vietnam war which in dozens perhaps hundreders of villagers were killed by an army unit. he told a television station it appears to be the work of lone gunman. afghans are calling for exit, prosecution and revenge.
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we have reaction from the pentagon. >> this was a terrible, awful, i can't even imagine the impact on the families who who were subject to the attack. >> strategic objects will not change and have not changed. >> we're confident this is one individual acting alone. >> individual of 38-year-old u.s. army staff sergeant left his outpost around 3:00 a.m. and walked a mile and began hunting women and children in two neighboring towns killing 16 afghans, nine children. the youngest two years old. he then burned their bodies. the alleged shooter is mire rayed and has two children himself. served three times in iraq and deployed to afghanistan for the first time in september. member of the stryker brigade from washington state where four members of the same
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brigade were recently court-martialed for collecting afghan civilians' body parts for trophies. las month the head of the hospital was reversed for re -- was fired for reversing post traumatic stress disorder. the president spoke to hamid karzai expressing sadness. >> it is a poisonous environment in afghanistan now. there are multiple soldiers out on the shooting spree. this was a military attack on civilians. >> 60% of americans surveyed think the afghan war is not worth it. 54% want troop to come home. two-third of 1900 u.s. service members killed in afghanistan have been killed since 2009 when president obama
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introduced afghan strategy and authorized search troops. >> it's like we lost the lives and suffered injuries to a consider number of young americans on mission we'll discover is not doable. >> ryan crocker told fox news in interview he understands the war fatigue. >> i'm tired, too. i've been deployed to afghanistan and iraq seven years now since 9/11. >> but he says leaving now would be disastrous. >> al-qaeda badly damaged would regenerate in taliban took the country over again. then we'd have another pre-9/11 situation. >> we learned the alleged shooter suffered traumatic brain injury due to vehicle rollover accident in iraq in 2010 but was deemed fit for duty by the u.s. army before deploying for the fourth time. he also may have had tamly
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troubles, possibly marital troubles. president obama in an interview said he is determined to bring troops home as planned. bret? >> more with the panel. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. another big problem for the u.s. coming out of the region. price of oil. the white house is touting data it says proves its plan is working. oil remains high despite a drop today closing in at more than $106 a barrel. it was up a penny to $3.80 a gallon. here is chief national correspondent jim angle with the energy in america report. >> president obama got a progress report on the energy policy. even as the public is in an uproar overgas prices. secretary of interior said they have been working on that. >> this is an eight-year high. domestic gas production is the highest level we have seen in
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recent memory. >> the white house is eager to counter criticism they haven't done enough on energy because the president is blamed for high gas prices. there is a two to one margin, 65% of those polled disapproved of his handling on gas prices. it was left to secretary of interior to put a different light on things. >> federal land and water. we moved forward in the last three years, 13% increase in oil and gas production. from the federal land itself. >> administration chose to compare 2009 to 2011 to 2006 and 2008. as gas prices rose during the bush years. permits soared by 92%. dropped by 36% under the obama administration. >> the drilling has gone down.
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critics argue the bush administration effort pushed up oil and gas production through twine then it leveled off in 2010. administration says it's result of the 2010 oil spill. they showed it dropped off in 2011 and critics believe they are determined to reduce supply. >> they are doing everything they can to slow production of the oil and gas resources on public land. their belief it permeates everything they say, we must transition away from the use of oil. >> the administration pointed to imports as a sign of success. that's due to the slow economy and domestic producers on private land producing as fast as they can.
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reducing the need for foreign oil. stocks were mixed. dow added 38. the nasdaq gave back five. back in this country, the presidential race focused on alabama and mississippi ahead of primaries tomorrow. senior national correspondent john roberts reports that romney campaign says a win in alabama could be icing on the cake for the front runner. >> mitt romney celebrating his birthday in mobile. the average of polls shows romney locked in a dead heat. where 77% of the voters evangelical. with southerner jeff foxworthy along for comic relief, romney made a prediction. >> we are going to win
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tomorrow. >> next door in mississippi, gingrich did everything he could to ensure it doesn't happen. telling them his plan for $2.50 gas is a winner. >> the president's energy plan is in cloud cuckoo land. the biggest issue this fall is drilling versus algae. $2.50 versus $10 a gallon. which future do you want for your children and your country? >> gingrich needs to win the deep south if he hopes to remain viable going forward. polls in mississippi is mixed. rick santorum coming off a big win in kansas over the weekend trails in all the surveys. trying to make up ground today he edgeed voters to trust him on energy development. >> it was tough to say that stuff from the ground is an asset, not a liability. i stood up and said the science is bogus.
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this is political science. >> the dangers of carbon dioxide. tell that to a plant how dangerous carbon dioxide is. >> the candidates are battling it out for every delegate. 90 are up for grabs tomorrow. after the weekend contest, romney leads with 454. santorum, the 1 177. gingrich, 47. santorum is calling for gingrich to clear the track and drop out for real conservative. santorum appealed to voters in alabama and mississippi to turn up the heat. >> they want a conservative and they can line up behind us and making the race a two-person race. >> gingrich campaign is trying to stir up a little bit of mischief. floating the idea of a gingrich-perry ticket. should this go to the cam pa in august. while it might be appealing in the south, one too early to talk about at this point.
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>> we will have more on the southern primaries tuesday as well as the hawaii caucus. sty with us throughout the evening for stis. a senator who turned his back on reals says the president turned his back on him. details later in grapevine. up next, president obama goes after another state voter i.d. law. [ male announcer ] the game of life with the prius c! ♪ oh, my maltipoo's depressed. but my affordable prius c means i can pay for his acupuncture. whew. i love my pooch. oh no! my homemade sushi... turned p-ushi! use estimated 53 mpg to find a gluten-free alternative. look, this means i'm a chef. [ male announcer ] be a winner with the all-new prius c from toyota.
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>> bret: president obama and his administration is taking on another state over photo i.d. voting law. now it's texas. mike emanuel has specifics. good evening. >> rick perry says the justice department has no valid reason to reject the law and this is an example of the federal
6:14 pm
overreach. the administration has blocked a new texas law requiring voters to show photo identification before they can cast a ballot, claiming it could harm hispanic voters. the state law says it could be a driver's license, military i.d. card, current u.s. passport or a concealed handgun permit. but the justice department shows statistics show 300,000 people in texas nearly 11% of hispanic voters there do not have a state issued i.d. card and d.o.j. is not satisfied the concerns have been addressed. in a letter spent by attorney general perez from the texas director of elections, he wrote conservative photographic identification, i cannot conclude that the state sustained a burden under section five of the voting rights act. they ruled that the voter i.d. requirements are constitutional and not discrimnary thattory.
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point out that states like georgia, kansas, indiana, tennessee, wisconsin are allowed to require photo i.d. to vote. state attorney general greg abbotts said, "texans should not be treated differently and must have the same authority as other states to protect integrity of our election." they expected this move and abbott filed suit to have the law implemented which is still pending. it appears to be destined to be decided in court. >> bret: today, the obama administration released a blue print for states to sign up millions for health insurance. that process is supposed to start in 2014. many states are waiting to begin implementation until the supreme court rules on the wall later this year. president obama is hoping his defense of the healthcare law and improving economy will convince voters to stay with him for a second term. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports the president is going after a constituency that was good to him in 2008. ♪ ♪ >> a full court press for president obama re-election
6:16 pm
campaign sending mailings to 1 million women to secretary of state hillary clinton who is supposed to stay out of domestic politics and vote in george ton student float at a summit tied to international women's day. >> taking a stand, whose voices are being heard, assuming the risks that come with sticking your neck out, whether you are a democracy activist in burma or a georgetown law student. >> all sign many admit the president's recent phone call was about firing up a key bloc of voter. >> it's political move and people can criticize him but he is running for re-election. women's vote is important. >> president wants 67% of women in 2008. but they shifted to republicans in the midterm. they believe the contraception fight with the catholic church and comments from the republicans are driving women to the president, there are signs they may will be more
6:17 pm
likely to vote on the economy. with the gallup poll showing the approval among women dipped. it's now down slightly to 49% of women and stuck at 41% for men. >> republicans have to point to the record. failed leadership on the economy. still high unemployment. $15 trillion in debt in the last four years saddles future generation, which women care about. >> democrats insist the president will win that fight. because the healthcare reform opens the door to preventive care like mammograms. will mean more to women than the last year controversial book that claimed former white house aid anita dunn said if not for the president this place would be in court for hostile workplace. a quote she later denied. >> if they are on the right side of policies that will affect them with the women's vote. they don't think anyone will vote against obama because rahm emanuel treated anita dunn badly. >> democrats coming up with
6:18 pm
interesting ways to claim rush limbaugh's comment about women were worse than bill maher. saying limbaugh has clout within his party, bill maher is someone who is a comedian is on at 11:00 at night. >> bret: ed henry live on the north lawn. thanks. still ahead, careful with the cell phone. you might be doing something illegal. we'll explain. first, israel pound palestinian rocket positions another revolution is happening in the middle east. [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
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>> bret: deadly violence iraq tops headlines. 14 people were killed against al-qaeda target. nine died, 14 more were wounded when robbers attacked
6:22 pm
with guns. the u.s. and russia slashed at the united states trying to stop syrian government crackdown on decent. activists say 16 people including children died today in the embattled city of homs. israel says they will continue to fire rockets in the country and the israeli air strikes killed 23 palestinians since friday. one reason the middle east is important, of course, is oil. there may soon be another. james rosen tells us what it is. >> there is one revolution in the mideast underway you are not seeing on television
6:23 pm
dealing with energy productio production. this is the eastern med train sea. a oil and gas firm based in houston, texas, has been busy building offshore wells and discovered fields of underwater natural gas reserve. the u.s. geological survey estimates 123 cuban feet of recoverable natural gas. that is equal to $20 billion-barrels of oil. 20 times the inventory of our own strategic petroleum reserve. two of the fields contain 24 million cubic feet. they hope to start bringing the gas online. israel would become energy independent. it would be gas hoarder. geopolitical shift is not going unnoticed in tehran. >> tehran, of course, is israel less foe to do all it
6:24 pm
can do to thwart any activity allowing israel to become more secure or prosperous or viable as a sovereign state. so we might see iran operating proxy such as hezbollah or lebanon or hamas in the palestinian authority gaza strip. to deny israel and the ability to get natural gas to market. >> there is in short significant security component to the energy development. fast growing. >> bret: thank you. egypt's parliament is moving toward a vote to reject aid from the u.s. fall-out of release several americans charged with the illegal activity by the prodemocracy group. u.s. threatened to cut off egypt over the issue. could you lose the right to wear a cross or over religious symbol at work? republican turn democrat says president obama abandoned it. ♪
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>> bret: now fresh pickingsings from the political grapevine. former pennsylvania senator arlen specter says president obama and vice president biden ditched him in the contentious 2010 primary though he provided the needed vote to get the president's healthcare law passed. hill reports that specter writes in his book the president advisor nixed any joint appearances because they feared president obama would look weak if the former republican ended up losing in
6:29 pm
the primary. which he did. "i realize that the president and his advisors were gun shy about supporting my candidacy after being stung by obama's failed rescue attempts for two other democrats and were reluctant to become victim of a trifecta." however, only a year prior to that, president obama and vice president biden welcomed specter to the democratic party with a news conference at the white house. they promised full support. should christians be allowed to openly wear a cross or chris fix at work? the british government is set to argue no at the european court of human rights. sunday telegraph reports that the government will argue wearing a cross is not requirement of the faith. case stems from a lawsuit against british airways and by two women who claim they were punished for refusing to take off their crosses. finally, trenton, new jersey, cannot spare a square.
6:30 pm
they are toilet paper and supplies that dangerous low. the garden state could run out of tissue by next week. local editorial advised until a compromise can happen it might be wise to byotp. cautionary tale for illinois. be careful with the cell phone. it's illegal there and in some other places to do something people do all the time. >> chris brew intended to be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor when he intentionally violated the peddlers' law selling art without a permit on chicago state street. when police arrested drew he was carrying an audio recorder. by recording the chicago cops without their content he violated the eavesdropping law and charged with a felony. >> you aren't listening to anything private. it's all public. >> drew is temporarily off the
6:31 pm
hook. they claim the law is unconstitutional because it's overbroad, especially in a world filled with people carrying smart phones with camera. but until the supreme court rules the law is in effect. you cannot record the law enforcement in illinois. >> the state representative is workinworkingworking in the ills legislature to change the law. the deadline is the summit in may, demonstration, arrest and a lot of video recording are anticipated. he is will get resistance from the police. it will put victims on the internet. a chilling effect on witnesses coming forward, say the police. there will be victims that are revictimmized and tragic seconds where a pointed cell phone will be mistaken for a pointed gun. >> i think it will be in
6:32 pm
the -- [ inaudible ] >> the bill to repeal the eavesdrop law made it out of committee but not unanimously. 9-2. even some of those who voted yes expressed concern. in chicago, mike tobin, fox news. >> bret: the world trade organization ruled american airplane maker boeing received far fewer illegal government subsidiaries than european rival air bus. u.s. trade ambassador ron kirk calls the decision a tremendous victory for american manufacturers and workers. big labor will most likely have big things to say about who wins at the ballot box in november. correspondent shannon bream tell us that the union leaders don't want the corporate rivals to have the same influence. >> corporate america today, we are everywhere. we are watching. you have been served. >> a coalition of groups,
6:33 pm, occupy wall street says it's time to get corporate money out of american politics. >> we, the people, will not stand idly by while the country major corporation use their massive wealth to buy our democracy. >> the coalition claims the trouble stems from the supreme court 2010 citizen united decision. which recognized the first amendment right of organizations. like corporations, unions. to engage in political speech just like people do. including with their dollars. today the group announced they are keeping all options on the table, including boycott, legal action and offering $2,500 reward for documentation with specific corporate political donation. >> this press conference is an example, exercise in hypocrisy. >> skeptics say they wonder why unions that account for hundreds of millions in political spending each election cycle sound the alarm over corporate dollars. >> it's conceivable that what
6:34 pm
the union movement does on behalf of the democratic party would approach between half a billion and a billion each election cycle. >> michael franc says labor groups aren't shy for asking for return on investment. cites prime example, the administration attempt through the national labor relations board to knock production of boeing plant right to work south carolina. >> i think anyone would realize no elected official is going to ignore the demands made by such generous contributor to the cause. >> statistics show in 2008 elec cycle, 54% of business doe face went to republican. 92% of union spending went to democrats. in washington, shannon bream, fox news. >> bret: can the u.s. mission in afghanistan be saved? or should america get out now? we ask the fox all-stars when we return.
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this has been incredibly dangerous from the start. it's not going to get easier in the next few months. but what the families need to understand is that in the same way i brought our troops home from iraq, i'm determined to bring our troops home from afghanistan. we have to do in a responsible way. reducing our foot print progressively. giving afghans more responsibility. while we keep an eye going after al-qaeda and making sure that no attack against the homeland can be launched from that region. that is my continued focus in the next couple of years. >> bret: president obama talking about afghanistan, the way forward. this is after a major incident over the weekend. pentagon officials saying 38-year-old u.s. army staff sergeant opened fire, killing women and children in two villages killing 16, at least 16 afghans. nine of them are children. burning the bodies. reaction around the world,
6:39 pm
over the weekend. "washington post" and abc news had a poll about afghanistan. is the war in afghanistan worth fighting in 60% of the respondents said not worth fighting. should the u.s. withdraw forces from afghanistan? withdrawal forces was 54%. both sides of the aisle are weighing in with a different sense about this war. >> i think it's likely that we have tragically lost the lives and suffered injuries to consider number of young americans on a mission we will discover is not doable. >> bret: what about this? the way forward? bring in our panel. liz marlanez. mara liasson. syndicated columnist krauthammer. there are obviously lawmakers out there saying we need to hold the line. this is important. lindsay graham, senator cane kahn and others but it seems like there are more voices like you heard from gingrich.
6:40 pm
>> one is popular opinion you cited. you can conduct a war that the country is strongly against it. part of that, i this, the reason for that is that we have a president willing to triple troops and put young americans at risk. but did not spend any capital politically supporting a war. there is a disconnect there. so all we see are news stories that are disasters, the burning of quran, rioting and a massacre we have. because that is where we are the weakest.
6:41 pm
we will have to negotiate a deal with pakistanis. we try to hold on to government that is neutral in the capital. that is the best we can achieve. >> bret: despite the remarks by president obama after quran he hasn't talked about afghanistan in major speeches that much. two of third of 1900 service members killed in afghanistan have been killed since 2009. since president obama's surge >> when the surge was instituted we were told casualties will go up. that's what we are doing. surging troops. they will fight on the front line. the purpose was to get out. the surge wasment to do everything you could to get the afghan government stabilized to take over security to leave.
6:42 pm
turns out it's stronger than expected. newt gingrich notwithstanding he does not have a chorus of voices saying pull out. gingrich is still in the minority. the majority of the republican position is stay in and finish the job. criticism of the president is we don't talk about it enough to educate the public. you set a date for withdrawalling you should haven't set. >> so mu much pressure is he under the pull out from his own party? he will face pressure when he meets with nato leaders. if you hear republicans echoing him saying it's unwinnable then the pressure will increase.
6:43 pm
>> bret: i want you to listen to how they have been talking about it. >> we have had a difficult and complex few weeks in afghanistan. that is obvious to everyone. this terrible incident does not change the steadfast dedication to protect afghan people. >> afghans don't want to see resurgence of violence any more than we do. we are working to together make sure it doesn't happen. >> the strategic message will not change. >> bret: that is the message today. the reality of the last few weeks. >> i'm not sure that gingrich is an outlier. there is a starting sense that there is a growing chorus on the right suggesting that this is not a doable mission.
6:44 pm
i think to some extent this is one of those things where once you announce a timetable, once everybody anticipates withdrawal, it makes everyone want it to come faster. then this happens and it makes it difficult once you set a timetable to stay the course. >> some say this was the plan all along to accelerate it somehow. they were waiting for the right moment to accelerate it. administration says it's not the case now. do you think it will be the case? >> that the withdrawal is accelerated? or policy? >> bret: neither one. >> when you announce a surge, dribbling of troops and then you say we will withdrawal on this day, at this, in this vicinity in two years you are, i think it's wrong to say that
6:45 pm
you surge in order to withdrawal. then you are wasting american's lives. you surge to stable ia situation and succeed. if you announce a withdrawal immediately, you demoralize anybody in afghanistan who would be our supporters. without support of low gals, counter insurgency cannot succeed. it was doomed from the beginning. you have to ask yourself why did obama surge? >> he was trying to vindicate a democratic position that his party argued for years against the bush administration saying afghanistan is good war, important war. iraq is the bad war. when they came in office they had an obligation they thought to carry out a war which i don't think they ever had any intention of being serious about. >> bret: i have been to afghanistan 13 times. there have been amazing changes from the beginning until now.
6:46 pm
there is a sense that taliban deals in decades and centuries not months, or years. they're just waiting. >> they have every reason to wait. they know when we are leaving. >> yes, this is their place. they fought off so many invaders, russians or us. they might just wait. the real question the afghan government. can you have a government that gets rid of corruption to the extent to get the support of the people? and have security strength to deal with the taliban without us? i don't know if we can do it by 2014. >> bret: next up, presidential race. who will be the big winner on tuesday? pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare.
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the biggest issue in fall is drilling versus algae. $2.50 a gallon versus $10 a gallon. which future do you want for your children and your country? >> we have seen that the president has two-letter energy policy. n-o. and we need a policy that doesn't say no to the development of energy. >> we are challenging the status quo. other candidates aren't. >> happy birthday on the road and hoping for a big president tomorrow from alabama and mississippi. [ applause ] >> bret: mitt romney, 55 today. we're back with the panel. liz, newt gingrich continues to hammer home the issue of gas prices. to his credit he was ahead of the game. is that going to pay off in
6:51 pm
alabama and mississippi? >> it might. we might see a good night for newt tomorrow. the polls are all over the map. hard to get a sense of what will happen in the two states. based on the polling out there now. but we have seen in some of the polls a little move in the gingrich's favor. i think it's possible he will pull out wins in part because of the gas message. i argue that romney hurt santorum in those states. he has won negative ads and we have seen santorum's number goes down. this should be friendly for santorum. heavy on evangelicals. if he does not do well romney attacks will be a big reason why. >> bret: on the flip side, romney campaign saying we are not supposed to be where we are and we could pull out a win in one or two or both. >> it's may thai the poll show them bunched up in states completely foreign territory for romney. as long as santorum and gingrich are in the race, it's
6:52 pm
great for romney. as long as there is not one anti-romney candidate to consolidate the vote. he is continuing slowly and painfully to wrap this up. >> it helps in the short run. it's ironic contradiction between the romney short run and long run interest. in short run he wants santorum and gingrich in game. you are right, if he attacks santorum with the money in the south and drives them down. so gingrich either winning or coming in second. santorum at the bottom that helps. but in the long every run it prolongs it. as long as everybody is in the race, it will go on. he said there is $19 million in january alone. if one of the two loses. asume that gingrich loses two states in the south. he is out of it then one on win with santorum.
6:53 pm
it gives him an opportunity to deliver a knockout and get it over with. that's would be to the advantage of the general election. he has a dilemma. i know the strategy is keep everybody in the race. in the long run it prolongs it and it weakens it. >> bret: it's all about hunting for delegates and getting to the magic 1144. the romney campaign says santorum needs to run the table. 66% of the delegates. gingrich 70%. what they haven't talked about is the equation is that romney gets to $1144. there is a scenario by which those two remain candidates and paul block romney from 1144. >> absolutely. santorum knows that. santorum has won enough, he passed a bench mark he won enough support in enough states that he would be eligible nominated at the convention. santorum probably has no path to the right number of sell gaits and he knows that. romney doesn't necessarily have it either. he could and you can make the
6:54 pm
math work out for him state-by-state. but it's also possible to see him not working out and not making the benchmark. i talk to strategists who have seen him, done the math to see him get it on the last day, utah. it will be close. for that reason, santorum can argue he has a reason to stick around. >> bret: we are coming in a stretch that winner take all states factor in. sign delegate. not just floating delegate. you see the races that have a bigger delegate impact all at once. >> utah going to winner take all, romney camp hopes that is a cherry on the cake. at the end to put them over the edge. when you have had a prolonged period they are proportional. that's what the republican party thought it wanted. beware of what you wish for. you might get it. they did get it. when they get to a phase of winner take off they will wrap it up at a faster clip. >> we ought to note what happened saturday.
6:55 pm
as guam goes, so goes the nation. the thrill of the victory that romney had northern mariana island is something that he had to dissipate. look, romney strategy is tortoise. he has done this all along. i think it makes sense. the least exciting of the candidates. accumulate delegates. the problem is i'm not sure in the end it will leave him in a position. he is weaker today, than he was in late last year. no choice. but yet, it's not a strategy to sustain him. it certainly is not increasing any excitement. >> charles, you are saying as if he has an alternative to be win the heart and minds of conservatives. >> santorum as a way to keep -- >> not going after santorum wouldn't solve his problem. >> if he went after him and knocked him out in one or two big races it would be over. >> bret: that is it for panel. stay tuned to see how sticker shock at the gas pump is hitting people. literally.
6:56 pm
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>> bret: finally tonight, we have been talking a lot about gas prices recently. and this local news report perhaps shows us how it's really impacting people. at least one anchor is sure of it. >> she says that when oil and gas prices go up, slight costs go up too. so. [tires squealing] >> spun out right behind you. did you see that, adrian? >> i didn't but now i did. so we are going -- >> wow, okay. >> looks like maybe have gotten into an accident out here. >> probably shocked by the gas prices. [ laughter ] >> probably. probably shocked by the gas prices. oh, boy. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." remember, we have full coverage of the primaries and the caucuses tomorrow. all throughout the night and